TIBCO EBX™ A single solution to govern, manage, and consume all shared data assets
TIBCO Software, Inc. updated on 2:01pm Apr 06, 2021
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Translytical database that transforms a complex web of dynamic data into meaningful, comprehensible and traversable relationships delivered at the speed of transactions.
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TIBCO® BPM Enterprise coordinates a digital business' process, people, context, and actions for better business outcomes.
TIBCO Software Inc. updated on 8:45am Nov 23, 2020
Collaborate, operationalize, and scale machine learning across your organization
TIBCO Software updated on 3:11pm Oct 29, 2020
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TIBCO Cloud™ Data Streams is a cloud streaming software-as-a-service platform designed for real-time data connectivity for data visualization and analysis.
TIBCO Software posted on 9:14am Sep 09, 2020
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TIBCO FTL® is a robust, high-performance messaging platform for real-time, high-throughput data distribution to virtually any device. Optimized to leverage the latest advancements in hardware, networking and web technologies, TIBCO FTL can handle higher message throughput with lower latencies – and a greater number of concurrent connections – than other messaging products. All of this is delivered with a peer-to-peer architecture and API libraries that run on commodity, general purpose systems with no specialized hardware devices required.
TIBCO Software updated on 10:02am Aug 05, 2020
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TIBCO ActiveSpaces® software is a distributed in-memory data grid product. ActiveSpaces features familiar database concepts, high I/O capacity, and network scalability.
TIBCO Software updated on 10:25am Apr 27, 2020
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TIBCO’s suite of Managed File Transfer solutions extends the reach from the world of real-time messaging through to batch file transfer. Exchange files quickly, securely, and cost-effectively across all major platforms and geographical boundaries. Built on a Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA), TIBCO® Managed File Transfer makes it easy to integrate with any application, process, or third-party system. Automation and integration capabilities also support: Accelerated file transfer  Business-to-Business Application-to-Application Ad Hoc exchanges among users
TIBCO Software updated on 3:12pm Apr 07, 2020
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TIBCO Data Virtualization is an enterprise data virtualization solution that curates access to multiple and varied data sources and creates standard, federated views ― the data foundation for nearly any analytics solution. Address growing data needs with maturing analytic ecosystems. Provide immediate access to broader datasets helping to develop actionable insights executable in real time. Empower users to easily search and select from a self-service directory of virtualized business data, then use preferred analytics tools to obtain results. 5‒10X faster time-to-solution than traditional database ETL allows rapid adaptation to change with the analytic application stack of choice.
TIBCO Software Inc updated on 9:43am Oct 02, 2019
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Enterprise-grade, cloud-ready streaming analytics for quickly building real-time applications at a fraction of the cost and risk of alternatives.
TIBCO Software Inc. updated on 2:44pm Sep 05, 2019
Developers use TIBCO Jaspersoft® software to design data visualizations exactly how they like. Down to the pixel. What will you create? TIBCO Jaspersoft products have their own corporate and community websites.  Please go there to ask questions or search for answers, etc. TIBCO Jaspersoft Corporate www.jaspersoft.com EMBEDDED BI   SOLUTIONS    RESOURCES   DEMO    QUICK START   DOWNLOAD TIBCO Jaspersoft Community community.jaspersoft.com Answers  Exchange  Documentation  Wiki  Tracker  Projects User Groups - Contribute to our Wiki - Request a Feature - Report a Bug JasperReports Server - JasperReports Library - Jaspersoft Studio - Visualize.js - JasperReports IO  
TIBCO Software updated on 11:07am Aug 01, 2019
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TIBCO Spotfire® data visualization and analytics software helps you quickly uncover insights for better decision-making.
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TIBCO® Messaging allows organizations to establish a single fully integrated application communication infrastructure where developers have the freedom to choose the right messaging tool for the job and the flexibility to deploy their applications anywhere. Developers can now focus on app logic not data distribution.
TIBCO Software Inc updated on 9:21pm Jun 25, 2019
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TIBCO ComputeDB, an in-memory optimized analytics database delivers high throughput, low latency, and high concurrency for unified analytic workloads
TIBCO Software Inc posted on 5:43pm Jun 24, 2019
TIBCO Cloud™ Integration is a cloud based subscription that offers easy startup, quick results and codeless development. Scribe Users - Welcome to TIBCO! The content of the Scribe Success Community has migrated to the TIBCO Community.
TIBCO Software Inc. updated on 10:31am Jun 04, 2019
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