12 month Rolling Metrics & limiting to specific months without filtering the table


I am trying figure out in Spotfire how you can limit a visualizations visbile months without filtering using the month column.  For example, if you have 15 months worth of data only 3 months of that data is actually 'accurate' for a Rooling 12 month metric (like retention, etc).  You cannot filter the table on the month column to those last 3 months because as soon as you do you no longer have 12 months for Spotfire to look at.  Has anyone else had this issue and found a solution?  In the attached picture, I am showing Apr through March but my data goes back to January 2015.  The Jan-Mar 2016 and moving forward are the ones values I can really accurately show (and want to show) in my graphs, cross tables, etc.  The sliders are my only options but it allows people to look back and thus get the wrong impression or data.  Any ideas are greatly appreciated.




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