2 questions in case anybody can help.

2 questions in case anybody can help....

1.  In a data set showing revenue delta vs previous year by customer, I am trying to add up negative values together separating them from positive values, after making the total by customer across different products. The following is not working (nested aggregation error):

Sum(If(Sum([Revenue Delta]) over ([Customer])<0,Sum([Revenue Delta]) over ([Customer]),0))

2.  For a bar chart representation of total revenue by customer size, I am trying to bin/group customers on the X / category axis, based on the percentile of their total revenue within the parent field on the X axis as well (for example country). I have to sum up total revenue for each customer across different products before calculating the percentile.

I tried the following to calculate the 90th percentile as an example, but not working. Any idea?

Percentile(Sum([Revenue]) over [Customer],90) OVER (Parent([Axis.X]))

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