Accessing files on network share via DNS alias


I have the following issue: I am trying to open reports on web that are based on excel data on a shared location. For this location we have made a DNS alias. in windows explorer, I can use both ways to access the directory. for example \\servername\shared\ and \\spotfire\shared\

I have 2 versions of the report, one using the servername, one using the alias. In Analyst both reports open. In web only the one with the servername.

The logs show 'failed to execute data source query' and 'incorrect username and password'. However, I dont know where exactly it needs a username\password.

The node manager is running under service account. that account is local admin, spotfire admin, full control on both shares, full control in spotfire library.

In the config file (Spotfire.Dxp.Worker.Host.exe.config) I have allowed both locations.



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