Accordion panel - List box filter loading issue

Hi, I am using accordion java script in the text area to expand and collapse filters. My spotfire version is 7.9, the issue I am facing here is when I am using list box filter with some action controls(buttons), it is not automatically loading in one of the accordion panel. It will load the filter menu in accordion panel only when I do manual selection in the filter. This issue is not found in 7.8 version. Is there any workaround or solution to fix this issue .


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Ravi Kumar


Below is the Javascript code which I am using:

    var currentId=getCurrentId()

        //sets the active panel to 0 if key isn't defined in local storage
        n=parseFloat(localStorage.getItem(currentId)) || 0;

        //uses the change event to set the active panel
            active: n,
            change: function(event,ui){

    //returns location of the current session
    function getCurrentId(){
        var loc = window.location;
        if(loc.href.length >= 70){
        return loc;


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