Action controls not being triggered in Spotfire 10.3



We have an IronPython script, that we triggered by executing a click in  JavaScript on action control link. This implementation worked fine in 7.11 version, unfortunately, we have noticed, that Spotfire 10.3 no longer supports it. By changing action control link to action control button, we have managed to make it work again. Again, it didn't last long, with the patch for 10.3, even triggering action control button is no longer an option.




<div id="divID" style="display:none;">

   <SpotfireControl id="9835c0e094c44c7445562fb3c4a5f9c5b" />



Did anyone stumble upon this inconvenience and has an idea how to get this resolved? I tried to trigger IronPython script using document property, but so far with no success.


Thank you very much in advance.


Kind regards,

Zoerab Zakrijev


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