Adapter for Database 7.2 not working in Businessworks 6.5

I'm trying to migrate a BW 5 proyect into BW 6, this proyect uses Active Databases so I tried to install the adapter.

The instalation went without problems, no errors or anything but when I open BW 6 nothing has changed, the ".adb" files that the proyect and the adapter palettes are still not recognized when trying to migrate, I've already read the "readme" to check that the versions are compatible so no problems with that.

As reference these are the products I have installed in the same TIBCO_HOME as the BW6 I'm using:

  • Bussinesworks 6.5
  • EMS 8.5
  • TEA 2.3
  • TRA 5.11
  • Rendevouz 8.4

Since the 7.2 adapter was also compatible with the BW5 I also tried installing the adapter in that TIBCO_HOME but resulted in all the BW5 palettes to be deleted, I had to reinstall everything in that home and fixed the problem using the 7.0 adapter, unfortunately it is not compatible with BW6.

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