Add a Sleep/wait Custom task in the Spotfire Automation Job Builder

Hi all,

I have a dashboard which loads with no data and user is asked to choose parameters and click Submit to fetch the data on the fly (which takes approximately 5 minutes). I need to automate the generation of the PDFs for this dashboard.

Right now, I added 2 tasks in my Automation Job Builder : 

1. Open Analysis from Library : I am able to pass the Parameters using the configuration block and then running some scripts to click the Button.   EDIT : I was able to pass the parameters/configuration block through the Automation Services Job Builder UI, but when I call its service bat file  for autosys (Spotfire.Dxp.Automation.ClientJobSender.exe ) , it gives me an error saying : The current thread does not have an open read transaction. Any thoughts on this please ? I have pasted the whole error in the comments.  - THIS IS RESOLVED. SEE COMMENTS!

2. Export to PDF : Exporting the PDF based on the users requirements for all the pages.

The problem is that after execution of the 1st step, it doesn't wait for the data load to finish (~5 minutes as mentioned earlier) and proceeds to export the PDF leading to blank data in the reports generated. So, I am trying few things like adding dummy tasks or putting in sleep timer but exe doesn't recognize this.

Has anybody faced this type of problem. If yes, can you please help me out here to create Custom Job builder tasks or something on the same lines? Any help is appreciated.


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