AddCurve which shows Minimum function


I have a set of 20 simulations. These give some values and I plot these vs the date. So I have 20 lines in a line chart. Now I want to add a line which shows me the minimum function. This function is not one of the simulations since I want to evaluate the minimum at each date and plot then the min line.

I already done this with a calculated column. There I use the expression Min([value]) over ([Date]). And then I can use in the script which should plot this line the command

newChart.FittingModels.AddColumnValuesLine(DataTable ,XAxis , YAxis) where the XAxis is the date and YAxis is the calculated column Minvalue. newChart is the LineChart.

Does someone know a way to get the same result using the command newChart.FittingModels.AddCurve(DataTable, Expression)?



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