Alternative to create hyperlinks in text areas using javascript

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I have a dashboard with a hyperlink on a text area created using the "Insert/Edit Web Link" option where I hardcode the URL and the text to display. This URL differs for each of the environments where the report will be deployed and we need to manually edit these URL's for the respective environments which is quite tedious when it comes to multiple reports.

For example: On DEV environment, the URL will be On Stage it will be

Is there any way we can avoid this manual editing of the hyperlinks (I'd say avoid using the Insert/Edit Web Link option) and use javascript code to create the hyperlink in the text area with the URL values from a datatable?  

I did try with the snippet in the attached image file but it was not rendering the URL. Any inputs?





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Any inputs on this, please?
kulamani_n - Jan 27, 2016 - 2:40am ::
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