Alternatives to private bookmarks for personalization?

We provide an analysis file for the Spotfire desktop client (heavily customized with IronPython scripts, data functions and .NET plugins) to our end users. To configure the provided Spotfire analysis according to their requirements, our users make heavy use of private bookmarks to store visualization / filter settings etc.

However, private bookmarks suffer from some severe limitations:

- they get lost whenever an analysis file is "Saved as"

- they cannot be transferred from one analysis file to another; since we develop and test our changes in a test environment, we are forced to copy the old template + re-apply all changes manually when deploying to the prod environment (see where another user describes this problem)

- they need to be manually applied; there seems to be no such functionality as "Remember personalized view for each web client user" for users of the Desktop client

Short of copying the analysis per se (which would defeat the purpose of providing one analysis for all users in the first place) - are there any alternatives to private bookmarks for personalizing an analysis in the Spotfire Desktop client?


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