Anonymous combined with other authentication method failure

The Problem

We have enabled both Anonymous & External Authentication within our Spotfire server. However, our External Authentication is triggered even on requests to Anonymous resources. I could be wrong, but shouldn't External Authentication not fire when access to Anonymous Authentication resources is attempted? Does anybody know of any workarounds?

I tried to changing our Authentication Filter to allow for Anonymous resource requests to pass. However, the HttpServletRequest getRequestURI, getRequestURL, & getQueryString methods are returning invalid information. For example, an attempt will be made to hit an Anonymous resource at http://spotfireserver/spotfire/wp/render/829409536469/analysis?file=/Ano..., but the getRequestUrL method will return http://spotfireserver/spotfire/rest/library/folderInfo.

We enabled Anonymous Authentication for our spotfire server using the following resources: (but for 7.6)

We enabled External Authentication (Identity Provider) for our spotfire server using this reference:

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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