Append new rows to an existing data table, repeat daily so data table grows in size

I need to copy rows from one table to another.  Specifically, the values in the source data table ("table 1") change each day, and I need to append each day's new rows onto the destination table ("table 2") without overwriting the rows copied previously (See attached screenshot for example). 

There seems to be a few different ways to accomplish a row copy function, including this script or a data function using the rbind method.

However, using these solutions, when the data tables are refreshed the rows added previously are simply replaced with the new rows, so the table is always the same size.  I need to keep all the added rows so the table grows in size with each table refresh (thus maintaining an "archive" of all rows).

Is there a way to save each day's new rows so the table grows in size each day? 

Any input appreciated, thanks.



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