'Apply' button for filters in Text area

Hello Spotfire Users,

I have defined all my filters in Text area.
Most of my filters are 'List box filers (with Check boxes)'. This gives me a flexibility of selecting multiple/All values from a column.

Every time I check or Uncheck a value from any of my List Box filters the data is refreshed for every click.

I want create a button 'Apply filter'.
First I make all my selections (by checking and unchecking the values) during this time my graphs should be not be refreshed.
Only when I hit 'Apply filter' button filters should be applied for the graphs.

How can I make this possible?

In Tableau world we have 'Pause' and 'Resume' options on the Published workbook. I can 'Pause' make all my selections in filters and when I am done I can click 'Resume' and report refreshed with applied filters. Do we have something similar in Spotfire?