This article describes how to configure Automation services jobs using Windows Task scheduled:


--Download Client Job Sender tool from TIBCO product download site(

--Select product TIBCO Spotfire Automation Services --Download and save Client Job Sender tool files(zip file).

--Open the folder where the downloaded zip file is saved.

--Extract downloaded zip file. --Open extracted folder.

--Here Client Job Sender tool file(.exe) together with its configuration file (.config)are located.

--Launch the Spotfire Analysts. --Go to Automation Services job builder.

--Add Automation Services tasks here that you want to execute periodically using Client job sender

--Save this job file in some folder and put this job file on the machine where Client job sender files are present.

--Open 'Spotfire.Dxp.Automation.ClientJobSender.exe. config' file in text editor.

--Modify settings for UserName and Password if Spotfire server setup with basic authentication. --Save this file.

--Open Windows Task Scheduler. --Select and right click on the folder where you want to create Windows task.

--Select create a task. --Enter the name of the task. --Select Trigger tab and set it to run periodically as needed.

--Select Action tab and click on New button. --Click on Browse button and select Client Job Sender executable file for execution.

--Add arguments: Spotfire server URL and the full path to the job file(.xml file) for Client job sender execution.

--Enter account credentials by which you want to run the task.

--Wait for execution of this task.

--In the task history tab check return code for the status of the task.

--The status and history of run jobs can also be found on the Automation Services tab in Monitoring & Diagnostics on Spotfire server.

please see this KBA on how to schedule an Automation Services job using the Microsoft Windows Task Scheduler.


TIBCO Spotfire® Server 7.0 and newer.




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