August 2011 Update

Scribe has released the August 2011 update of Scribe Online.


Important: For existing users who installed Scribe Online Agents after the May 2011 Update, your Agents are automatically update. For existing users who did not update Agents after the May 2011 Update, Scribe strongly suggests updating your Scribe Online Agents to the latest version. Earlier Agent versions may continue to function, but cannot access newly added features and do not include improvements or bug fixes. See Updating an Agent ( in Scribe Online Help.


New Features & Improvements


* Scribe Online RS supports replication using as a source. See Scribe Online Connector for Salesforce (


* Source schema changes: Scribe Online RS automatically handles changes in the source schema, such as when a custom field is added, and updates the target schema. OpenMind Idea 485: Information on entity that has new attributes.


* Dynamics CRM Picklist Display Names: Scribe Online RS can include both the value and the corresponding label/display name of Dynamics CRM optionset fields or picklists in replicated tables. See Scribe Online Connector for Microsoft Dynamics CRM ( OpenMind Idea 504: Come up with an easy way to use picklist string values in reports.


* Client timeouts: If your client times out due to inactivity, the application navigates to the login screen and provides a relevant message.


* Stop a current run: You can terminate a running replication process from the Manage Solutions page. See Stopping a Solution Instance (


* Simpler account signup: Creating a Scribe Online account requires only a name, phone number, email address, and password. You can edit your account profile to enter additional account information later.


* More accurate record counts: Previously, Scribe Online RS counted at least one record processed each time it checked a source entity for new records to replicate - even if there were no new or updated records. Now, Scribe Online RS only counts records replicated because they were added or updated since the last run, resulting in more accurate results reporting. Entities with no "last modified on" field still reprocess all rows.


* Update email addresses: You can update the email address associated with your account from the Update your Account page.


* Copy source row ID: You can copy the record ID from the execution history screen for a failed row and paste it into the tool of your choice, such as a SQL editor.


Bug Fixes


This release resolves the following issues:


* For locked user accounts, resetting the password generates the following message: Oops. Something went wrong. (42183)


* Entity selection screen shows duplicate entries for each entity. Saving this Solution Instance and running the replication yields the following error: An item with the same key has already been added. (42587, 42566)


* For Dynamics CRM as source, the ActivityPointer table is no longer replicating and does not show in the entity selection screen. (42434)


* Dynamics CRM replication takes longer than it should and stops running after 8 hours, resulting in the following error: An unsecured or incorrectly secured fault was received from the other party. See the inner FaultException for the fault code and detail. (42396, 41663, 41645)


* For Dynamics CRM as source, Activitymimeattachment table fails to replicate large attachments. Replication fails with the error, "Failed to allocate a managed memory buffer of 268435456 bytes. The amount of available memory may be low." For example, an entity with a field with the size of 268435456 bytes resulted in a failed replication. Excluding this table from the entity list allowed for a successful replication. See (42359)


* Dynamics CRM entities with Customer and Owner attribute types are not getting the corresponding 'name' field populated. The fields are set to null. Some specific examples are the Opportunity entity (owneridname & customeridname fields) and the Contact entity (parentcustomeridname field). (42165)


Known Issues


The following are known issues with this update:


* Users running a preproduction Agent installed prior to April 8th, 2011, may experience difficulties using Scribe Online. These difficulties may also impact other Agents, even if those Agents are more current. Remove any preproduction Agents and upgrade to the latest Agent as soon as possible. See Updating an Agent (


* A new Solution Instance associated with an Agent that has not been updated to at least the May 2011 version (version or earlier) will not run. To resolve this, uninstall the Scribe Online Agent, then reinstall it. This installs the latest version of the Scribe Online Agent. See Updating an Agent (


* If you have a Solution Instance associated with an Agent that has not been updated to at least the May 2011 version (version or earlier), you install a new Agent, and associate your existing Solution Instance with the new Agent, you may experience issues in accessing new features such as entity selection. To avoid this issue, update your Solution Instance:

1. Associate your Solution Instance with the new Agent in the Solution Wizard and save your Solution Instance.

2. Edit your Solution Instance a second time to access the additional features.

Agents that update automatically are not affected by this issue.

See Using entity selection with pre-existing Solution Instances and new Agents ( for further details on this issue.

See Updating an Agent ( for more details on updating your Agent.


* Installing the Agent may require manually restarting the installation process after Microsoft .NET 4.0 is installed. Usually, the Scribe Online Agent installer detects .NET 4.0 is not installed and installs it, requires a reboot, and Scribe Online continues the Agent installation process after restarting. If the Agent does not restart, click Install new Agent from the Manage Agents page again to manually start the Agent installer again. See Installing a Scribe Online Agent (


* When creating a Solution Instance against a newly-created Microsoft Dynamics CRM Connection, Scribe Online may take up to 3 - 4 minutes to retrieve the list of entities from Microsoft Dynamics CRM. During this time, you can select the All entities option, but cannot select Recommended entities or Custom entities until the entity list has been retrieved. For information on selecting entities, see Selecting Source Entities For RS Solutions (


* When you include picklist display names in your Dynamics CRM replication and change the description of one or more of the options in this picklist from within CRM, the display name changes are reflected in the previously replicated records. Also, if you delete any picklist option in CRM but do not change the actual picklist option for entries that initially had these deleted values, subsequent Scribe Online replications still reflect the deleted picklist value/display name for these corresponding records.


* If you update an existing Solution Instance to use an Agent installed only a few minutes earlier, saving the solution before the list of source entities has completely loaded may cause some of your selected entities to be lost. After switching to the new Agent, continue through the wizard and confirm the entity list has loaded before clicking Save.


* If you update an existing Solution Instance and install a new Agent from within the wizard, you are blocked from proceeding through the wizard with an error message that the agent version is To set an existing Solution Instance to use a new agent, install the new agent from the Agents screen, then select it from the Solution Instance wizard.


* The spinning-logo status icon does not immediately update when you toggle a Solution Instance’s “Automatic” checkbox to display properly as gray or not. If you navigate to another screen and return to the Solution screen, the status displays correctly.


* Intermittently clicking the command buttons of the Manage Invitations or Invite Users dialogs disables the Scribe Online application page and grays out all navigation links. To resolve, refresh the browser page to get back to Scribe Online.



Posted by Bob S. on Aug 19 2011 8:59PM { U7 , F35 , T2158 , C6864 }