Auto adjust the dashboard based on the screen size of the monitor/laptop

Hi is it possible to make dashboard auto adjust to screen size?.

I have designed a dashboard in 20inch scree. its looks fit to the window. but when i open it from 14inch laptop most of the screen is wrapped or a scroll bar is diplayed to see the complete screen. most of this is happening to text area. this happens even if i zoom out by browser. is there any solution/coding to make it auto adjust based on zoom level/screen size.

help me out. even i selected visualization area as Fit to window in document properties


Thanks in advance

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Did you manage to find a solution in the end? I have the same issue and given that Spotfire's editor resolution doesn't depict actual end resolution (somehow) it is very hard to make nice vizualizations without stupid scroll bars...

Maria_N - Mar 08, 2018 - 2:12am
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