Automatically Limiting Data on Load Using Passed Variables

I have a SQL database which currently has several million rows of event data. These rows are lnked to several thousand different entities, which in turn may be linked to one or more entities within the dataset in a hierarchy. For example a specific make model aircraft would be an entity record, as would the engine, avionics components, transponder, etc. Event data is tied to each subsystem, component and subcomponent. Within the individual records you can see events related to that specific element in the hierarchy. At the top level (the aircraft) you see all events from the aircraft down to the subcomponents in a grid view, because fo the connections in the database. At the top of that aircraft's web page we have a Spotfire link to a dashboard. The same link and dashboard exists in each entity record. When a user clicks on the dashboard link, the configuration block reads the IDs of the aircraft and each hierarchial child entity (subsystem, component, subcompnent) and filters the dashboard to only include the few dozen or several hundred events (from severa million) that are tied to those specific entities. The dashboard also changes its title and default image based on the entity record it was launched from. This method works fine for filtering the data, however the user still has to wait for the entre database to load. Is there a way to actually limit the data being loaded from the database into this templated dahsboard instead of filtering the entire dataset? User prompts will not work, because it would require that the user know every connected subsytem and component in the hierarchy. What I need is something similar to a user prompt, but having the computer tell the dashboard which connected IDs in the event data to load from the database (not filter) automatically behind the scenes.

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