Automatically refreshing a classification model upon data/property change

I have built a classification model that uses a calculated column as its response column. The calculated column depends on a document property that is bound to a drop-down list with column list to choose from. I need to have the model automatically updated when the user changes the document property. Currently, I need to open the model settings and click "OK" for the model to be updated.

E.g. the data table has columns: Response1, Response2, Predictor1, Predictor2.

I added a document property "SelectedResponse", which has either "Response1" or "Response2".

I also added a calculated column [SelectedResponse] = [${SelectedResponse}]

Then I added a classification model with formula: SelectedResponse ~ Predictor1 + Predictor2.

When the property changes, the column values changes as well, and I need the model to be refreshed. Can this be done automatically upon the column or its defining property change?

Thank you!