Automating TERR URL configuration at Spotfire Server

Hi there.

As part of an automated deployment of a Spotfire platform (Webplayer, Statistics Server, Spotfire Server), I'm trying to setup TERR URL at Spotfire server.

I know it's possible to configure it with the Spotfire Client, but the idea is to get everything running without human intervention (just launch the environment and ready to go).

Things I already tried:

  • Looking at Spotfire CLI help. Can't see anything related to Statistics Server.
  • Exporting the configuration from DB to a XML with Spotfire CLI, from an environment with the TERR URL already configured. No luck. This part of the config is not exported.
  • Having a look directly at the spotfire database (we use Oracle).
    • I can see that there's a table PREFERENCE_KEYS with the following row (last one is PREFERENCE_ID)
      • TIBCO Spotfire Statistics Services    TIBCO Enterprise Runtime for R URL    1.0###StatisticsServices    d795bc0e-ca8c-42c9-abd0-205d18ab3bf3
    • Then there's a row at tables PREFERENCE_VALUES with the same PREFERENCE_ID that it's present at PREFERENCE_KEYS.
    • The problem is that PREFERENCE_VALUE seems to be hashed, so I can't just run an UPDATE SQL Query.

Any suggestion?

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