Automating the testing process of a Webservice application

Hi All,

I am working on a Webservice project. Where in my application receives input from an extrenal application. For testing purpose we are using the SOAP Request/Reply.

Currently we are providing the input to this SOAP Request/Reply using Load From file option available for testing purpose. After the processing of the input file is done we store the output in a separate folder.

Now, I want to automate to this process so that SOAP Request/Reply picks up Input file from a specific folder, processes the input and puts the output to another folder.

I had implemented this using a File poller which picks the Input file. The output of the file poller was given to a an XML Parser and output of the Parser was mapped to SOAP Request/Reply.

Now my problem is I want to generalize this whole process so that it can be used for any project or application and in this case I have to provide the specific schema to XML Parser.

How can I make this process generalized? Please share if you any smaple application for the above scenario.

Thanks in advance