Automation in Spotfire using TERR (removing the use of R server and manual intervention to change input parameters)

Currently User is getting flat file from SAS and he is loading that data to R Server (Cleaning up , processing & generating few CSV files). These CSV files are used as source file in Spotfire and created some visualization. Now they are thinking about automating this without R server in between using Spotfire TERR.

There are few questions asked by Business.

1) Is it possible to create GUI in Spotfire and there, users will be feeding in Input Source Files and Input Parameters will change based on Study to Study? (Changes happen periodically not always) . Once user changes these values, next time dashboard refresh should consider these changes ,load the data & render visualization.

2) Everytime Spotfire refreshes the data it should create different file - Filename with different versions and this would be used for later reference to understand what changes happen over time.




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