AX 2012 To CRM Online - transfer delivery and invoicing address of an invoice.

I want to import invoices from AX to CRM, I am able to publish an XML file by putting the table CustInvoiceJour into the event handling of the Scribe setting. But this XML contain only the  basics info, and I need to also import import the delivery and invoicing address which were not in this XML.


I have modify the  web service,  by  adding the fields deliveryPostalAddress and invoicingPostalAdress, wich are both RecID,  in  the class SalesSalesInvoice_CustInvoiceJour.  This modification adds fields  In the XML, but  instead of having a RecId I have the Location_LocationId.  I know this field is from the AX table LogisticsLocation and I can join to the table LogisticsPortalAddress to get the details.


But  I don’t know how to manage that in Scribe to get the detail of these address (street, zip code ,city etc…).


Anybody knows how to transfer Invoices addresses from AX 2012 to CRM Online.



  <?xml version="1.0" ?>

- <SalesInvoice xmlns="" ScribeOperation="Update" ScribeObject="CustInvoiceJour" ScribeModifiedDate="2017-07-27T17:47:17" ScribeModifiedBy="bcyr" ScribeObjectKey="5637533076" ScribePublishDate="" ScribeLabel="" MessageLabel="FromAX_CustInvoiceJour" ScribeChangeLogID="">



- <CustInvoiceJour class="entity">





  <DeliveryName>BELL CANADA ben</DeliveryName>

- <DeliveryPostalAddress>

  <Location_LocationId xmlns="">000009374</Lo...

  <ValidFrom localDateTime="2017-07-11T15:52:02" timezone="GMTMINUS0500EASTERNTIME" xmlns="">2017-07-11T19...