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Hello all, I am posting this question again as I was very vague in my earlier post.

I am trying to plot a scatter plot with a backgroud image that will show if the unit performance is excellent, acceptable or bad. For that, I need to plot a quadrant plot in backgroud of scatter plot. Green quadrant means excellent, gray means acceptable and red means bad performance. I have created scatter plot in spotfire with the horizontal and vertical lines but I don't know how to fill in colors (as shown in attached JPG file).

1) The horizontal and vertical separation lines are fixed for given units but may change if different unit is selected. Right now for this example, I have set it at 100 for both KPIs. 

2) If filling colors in quardrant is not possible, is it possible that I create a static image outside spotfire and put it as background image in scatter plot?

Even knowing if this is possible in spotfire or not, will be helpful to me :) 


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Hi Rahul,

 I have same requirement. Could you please tell me the way to do it.


Thank you in advance..

chandra.babu - Apr 03, 2018 - 1:46am
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