Bar Chart: Show percentage difference between highest value bar and all other bars



I'd like to show the difference in percentage between the highest value bar in my bar chart and the other bars in the same chart.  Is there any way I can do this?  Details about the chart below:

  • Y Axis = Avg Price by State
  • X Axis =  State (I have four states in total)

I've thought about doing this two ways and I've been successful at neither.

  1. Ordering the bar chart by value and displaying the deltas between the top value state (KS) and the others (TN,LA, and NY) in some sort of stacked bar format.  See image 1 for a mockup of what this might look like.
  2. Adding error bars to by bar chart that extend to the stop value.  I've been able to achieve this in Spotfire, but only through hardcoding the top value into the error bar expression.  I also have not been able to add labels to the error bars.  Image 2 will show you what I have in Spotfire thus far for this method.

If anyone could assist me in showing the difference in percentage between the highest value bar in my bar chart and the other bars in the same chart using either of the methods above or an entirely new method I'd greatly appreciate it.  Happy to provide more information if needed.



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I am unfamiliar with R-scripting, but can research.  My mockup was done in PPT, but the color properties I was imagining are blue = value for the given state / orange = difference bewteen value for given state and Kansas.  Below is some sample data.  Again I'm trying to take the average of all the values, plot that number on the bar chart by state, and then show the difference between: Kansas and Tennesse, Kansas and New York, Kansas and Louisiana.  Thanks in advance.

State                                  $/MWh

LOUISIANA                     42.00

LOUISIANA                      31.00

LOUISIANA                     96.00

NEW YORK                      80.00

NEW YORK                      56.00

NEW YORK                      49.00

TENNESSEE                      45.00

TENNESSEE                      74.00

TENNESSEE                      86.00

KANSAS                           95.00

KANSAS                         92.00

KANSAS                         96.00

zschnj - Apr 04, 2018 - 7:16am ::


May be this can be achieved by using R-scripting. However, can you share some sample data? 

Also in your mockup bar chart what column you are using in your colors properties?



Vidya Sagar - Apr 03, 2018 - 11:09am ::
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