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Benefits of using Rstudio IDE within Spotfire TERR

My team is currently heavily utilizing Spotfire Client as well as an Rstudio server. Both the server and Spotfire are pointed to the same area where all our datasets are located. My current goal is to utilize R in conjunction with Spotfire to maximize data manipulation activities as well as visualization capabilities. I recently started playing around with the TERR data functions and noticed there are certain bugs not quite worked out yet when using R code in Spotfire.

My questions are about the Rstudio IDE. I could not find significant explanation of this functionality so I'm hoping to get a good understanding here.

  • What is Rstudio IDE? My first impression of it is that it simply your R code running in your rstudio desktop client
    • How does this work? For example if create a table in Rstudio by subsetting and pivoting some data, will that datatable be readily accessible in Spotfire to make graphs or such in? 
    • Say I want said table to be viewable in Spotfire to other folks, the one pro of Spotfire is that my data refreshes in realtime. Is this the case if the source code is in an IDE? Or do I actually have to rerun the code for the data to refresh. I guess simply, would the data refresh the same as it would if it were a TERR data function
    • In the event the above works. Theoretically can I connect my Rstudio Server to my Spotfire client? Would i be able to create a custom table in the server and have that table be available in Spotfire without having to do any kind of exporting?

For my team's purposes, I think it would be easier to keep R and Spotfire seperate as our scripts have some bugs when used in Spotfire. However if we can conenct our server to Spotfire, run our code there, and have the table available in Spotfire, it would be the most ideal situation.


Thank you for you insight.



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