Business Studio Simulation Problem

Hi everbody,

I have a question about the simulation engine of TIBCO Business Studio (Community Edition): I followed the tutorial - Business Studio Training Lab Book - and other different examples and customized projects, and I saw there is a common issue. Once I setup the simulation environment, I start the simulation (100 cases, whatever distribution and time interval) and after a while a queue is appearing on the start event. This event causes a huge increase of "Average Time" of process activities (in particular the first). In fact, as you can see in the first exercise of the Business Studio Training Lab Book, the difference between the "Min case time" and the "Max case time" is too marked as consequence of the delay formed by the queue.
Did you notice the same behavior? Do you have an explanation?
Is there anybody trying as well to simulate a huge number of activities? (>100)
Could it be a simulation engine limitation (v 1.2)?

Business Studio Training Lab Book :