BW 6.3.2 - JMS Receive Message - Why is there a check box for a Durable Subscriber although I use Messaging Style: Queue

Why is it possible to configure a Durable Subscriber for a JMS Queue Receiver?

Couldn't you dynamically change the tab, so that you wouldn't be confused by check boxes and text fields that are not relevant for your choice?

I have used JMS a lot in BW5 and written java clients. I know JMS 1.1 and TIBCO EMS well.

But for others who are not so familiar with JMS this is something that will cause them difficulties, I think.

In BW5 JMS activities are one of my favourites (BW5 + EMS in particular), because they work so well and they are understandable.




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Thank you for your valuable feedback and time in evaluating the product and the features. 

Your confusion on the checkbox is a valid one and will be discussed internally.

Regarding the JMS 2.0 approach, it is primarily driven by other customers/users - industry standards are being upgraded and so is the product. I understand there is a learning curve involved with BW6.x and we are listening to our users and you, keep your feedback coming to us. 

If you give us specific areas of concerns, we can guide you to the documentation and maybe create how-to videos to make your experience smoother. 

Again, big thank you for your help. Much appreciated! 



Hitesh - May 27, 2016 - 2:30pm ::
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