BW-AMXBPM issues

Hi All,

     I am facing two issues on AMX BPM.

I have created a simple  AMX BPM process having two user tasks-S1 and S2 having two parameters assigned to user user1, deployed successfully on AMX BPM server , generated the concrete WSDL . Created BW process to start the bpm process using SOAP request-reply activity using the generated wsdl from BPM environment and configured Identity resource by giving username as tibco-admin/secret and Security policy and security policy association.

But when I start the BPM process from BW, it is not triggering it.

When I start it from business services in amz bpm workapace, work item is not coming to the user1's in-box. I am using apache directory studion as LDAP and created user1 on it and able to login with this user to Openspace/BPM Workspace.

XCan any one help us to resolve these issues.

Best Regards

Jossy Sebastian

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