BW ignoring connection factory reconnection parameters

I have the following connection factory configured on my EMS 8.0:


type                     = queue 

url                      = tcp://localhost:7222,tcp://localhost:7222

connect_attempt_count    = 3

connect_attempt_delay    = 1000

reconnect_attempt_count  = 3

reconnect_attempt_delay  = 1000

This configuration says that clients should try at most 3 times to reconnect (with one second between attempts) on connection errors. A Java client implemented with the tibjms.jar respects beautifully those configurations when the EMS server goes down, but a BW 5.9 process using a JMS Queue Receiver process starter doesn't. In my tests, it appears the BW engine keep trying to reconnect until the EMS server is up again no matter how long it takes. I've also tried to set custom properties engine like,1000 but I've got the the same results.

Someone could tell me how to have fine control over JMS connection/reconnection on BW?


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