Cache size VS size of Embedded Analysis

Hi Team, 

We are currently on spotfire V7.0 . I am trying to compare an analysis cache size (we are writitng file to disk) and the size of same analysis if saved as embeded analysis. 

Will these 2 files size be same or different. as both of them ultimately have data in them. If different then why?

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I have a similar question. We have an Excel file (70MB) which we load to Spotfire.
Exporting the data to library / file results in a file with 100MB file (stdf, sbdf).
Storing the data embedded leads to a dxp file with 15MB.

Why can't the data in the library not be stored in 15MB?
It is a difference of loading in ~1-2 seconds vs. ~10-15 seconds.
Also it uses much more data in the database.

I would be very interested in an answer.
Also using Spotfire 7.0 - does this behavior change in later versions?

Jaydee - Oct 20, 2017 - 8:45am
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