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Hi Spotfire Team,

I have couple of questions, kindly please give your inputs i searches Tibco Community but none of the answer is complete.

1) As In Spotfire 7.0 there is a new feature called SBDF data files caching. This is meant to be used with Geo Location data to be used in maps but can also be used for regular data.

the question 1 comes in to picture when when we have "embeded" or Linked is it automatic or any manual we can perform and see? when i reload for new data how it helps me.

2) what is the full name of SBDF 

3) can i have new architecture picture of Spotfire reporting?




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Question 1 - SBDF is generally used for Map charts or for the data stored in the library in SBDF format. The other data which is linked to source (i.e the non Geoanalytics data) is not stored in the cache.


Below is from the manual


In order to quickly create and share map chart visualizations that use geocoding tables, and to quickly open SBDF files from the library, it is possible to cache and preload the SBDF files stored in the library. The cache is an in-memory cache that keeps recently opened SBDF files from the library open. If files have not been accessed for a specified time, or if memory is low, they will be removed from memory.


So if you want to cache the analysis which are not using Geoanalytics or SBDF data from library, you will have to use Scheduled updates.

Question 2 - SBDF stands for Spotfire Binary Data Format

Question 3- Is your question regarding the Spotfire Server  - Please check the below link and hope this helps

Yoou can also find the System requirements at the below link

And more information about whats new in the versions at the below link

Seema K - Jan 23, 2018 - 4:25pm
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