calculated column help - identifying current employees based on if one of their personnel IDs is active

Hi all. I have attached some sample data to help explain what i am after.

Column B are the approvers of the forms in Column A. Column C has their personnel ID at the time of approving the form, some of the peoples IDs have changed over time. Column D states if the personnel ID in Column C is the current one for that person. I want to calculate a column to dertmine if the person is an active employee or not. So basically if there is a 'Y' against any name i want a 'Y' against all of that persons rows.

e.g Mark Bradley has 3 different IDs, only one is his current ID - i want the calculated column to put a Y against all his rows. similarly John Yates doesnt have a current ID so he should have 'N' against all his rows.

Thanks in advance :)


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