Call Script as part of Export

We have a case where we want to log the contents of an export to a database to be used later for value measurements.  Because what user will export is a recommended list of customers and in the backend we want to  be able to measure the value of those recommendations.

We already know how to log contents to a database, the trick is to be able to create a single button that will do :

  • export the contents to .xlsx and open the file (just as out-of-the-box export does).
  • and,   store the contents into database (for later measurement)


I have been able to create a separate Export button that will call the script  to store to db, and able to create script to create tab-deliminted file;   But unable to have the system auto open the file in Excel.  Webplayer doesn't seem to like the command: "import Microsoft.Office.Interop.Excel as Excel"  when called from Webplayer.  Any other suggestions?

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