Calling js from child forms

Dear All,

I am having problem with calling a javascript function from my child GUI component.

I have open this component from the following function and its working fine.

ipcClass.prototype.launchSimple = function(dialog2open)



var prototypePath = jsx3.ipc.Form.DIR 'euler/prototypes/'dialog2open+'.xml';

var objDialog = app.loadPrototype(app.getAppBlock(), prototypePath);




Now I need to call a javascript function from the child GUI component.

I am using the following code,

this.getAncestorOfName('xxxx').getParent().myfunction().............. but the call is not reaching the javascript function.

I have also check the config file and the entry of the child component is already there.

<record jsxid="8" type="map">

<record jsxid="id" type="string">S1_broker_details_xml</record>

<record jsxid="type" type="string">component</record>

<record jsxid="owner" type="string">application</record>

<record jsxid="onLoad" type="boolean">false</record>

<record jsxid="required" type="boolean">true</record>

<record jsxid="src" type="string">JSXAPPS/ipc/components/Forms/polar/prototypes/S1_broker_details.xml</record>


Your urgent reply will help me resolving this issue.


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