Can anyone give some examples about how to call the method of sendRequest() in TibrvRvdTransport with async way?

I have trouble in calling the method of sendRequest() in TibrvRvdTransport with async way. Can anyone help me to give some examples?

How can i call the sendMessage with async way?

private static TibrvRvdTransport transport;
private TibrvMsg ReplyMsg;
private TibrvMsg TibMsg;
private Boolean SendMessage(String msg) throws Exception {
    if (!Strings.isEmpty(msg)) {
        if (TibMsg == null) {
            TibMsg = new TibrvMsg();
        if (ReplyMsg == null) {
            ReplyMsg = new TibrvMsg();
        try {
            TibMsg.add("DATA", msg);
            TibMsg.setSendSubject(""); //m_NodeName
            ReplyMsg = transport.sendRequest(TibMsg, 100);
            return true;
        } catch (Exception ex) {
            log.error("Tibco RV Sending Error: " + ex.getMessage());
            throw ex;
    return false;