Can I change the default storyboard section descriptions that display in text view in the web?

Storyboards are a usually good way of sharing process content with people who don't like process. However, from time to time you come across people who really hate process. 

In such instances, although storyboards remove the some of the causes of their anxiety, the default headings - i.e. Commentary, Action, Useful Links, Triggers for this Action, Outcomes for this Action and Performed By - are still words that are indisputably associated with process. 

Is it possible to go into the settings somewhere and change these field descriptions to something more palatable for process-phobics? Off the top of my head, examples could be How, What, What helps me do this?, When, Why and Who. 

Could you please let me know? At the moment, we are still using version 9.5.1. 

Many thanks. 

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