Can I include a pop-up message in each KPI of a KPI chart?


I am looking for a way to include a pop-up message when I click on the (+) sign in the KPI in the KPI chart as shown in the screenshot.

Is any of the below possible?

1. A pop-up message on clicking the KPI

2. (+) sign in corner of tile indicating more info



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As an addition to this question:

The +-sign is "Nice-to-have" , but instead of a explanairy text we would like to display another KPI-chart (the Child) based on the content ( or context) of the selected KPI (the Parent).

Click on Parent-KPI-A: display details in Child-KPI for A at city-level (for instance)

Click on Parent-KPI-B: display details in Child-KPI for B at city-level (for instance)

The layout of the detailed KPI (the Child) is always the same.


Bij-peter - Jul 05, 2018 - 5:49am ::
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