Can I paste a list of values into a Filter's search box?

I am wondering if there is a way to paste a list of values (e.g. well ids) into the Spotfire Analyst's (and Web Player's) filter search box? I am new to Spotfire so not sure if that can be achieved through a custom extension or script. Basically this is what I am trying to achieve:

  1. I copy some values from Excel spreadsheet
  2. I open Spotfire Analyst and look for the appropriate filter on the right
  3. I pates the content of my clipboard into the filter’s search box
  4. Custom logic (if that’s possible?) makes sure to find the appropriate results from the filter’s list and selects them automatically
  5. All charts on our page are updated and we see the results from step 4

Please note that the solution needs to work on both the Spotfire Analyst and Web Player.

(2) Answers