Can someone give me a more detailed explanation on what the counters are on the Web Server Resource Monitoring report

Our server systems analysts are trying to figure out how much memory our Webplayer is actually using.  I need to know more about what the Data Engine Cache counter is showing me.  the chart always shows that during the heavy use time of the day when we have a lot of scheduled reports saved the Data Engine Cache is around the 85% limit of total available memory even though the OS Resource monitor shows that  w3wp.exe process only has about 40% of the memroy committed and we still have almost 60% memory free.  We are running Windows 2012R2 in a vmware, single use virtual server for the WebPlayer.  It is the only non-system app on the virtual machine.  We are not load balanced.

Attached is a snapshot of the Memory Over Time tab for one day.  Hopefully someone can tell me what the different charts are indicating for me.  Thanks, 






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