Can we divide a value from every bar in bar chart?


I am asking this question again, however, this time I will try to explain my dataset in detail.

I have a table as below:

Fruits sales
Fruits Vendor Sales
Banana ABC 100
Mango DEF 120
Dates GHH 80

I have two property controls. One is to select Primary fruit and other is to select secondary fruit(s). From these property control, I have created a Cross table which shows for each vendor, the sales of fruits selected (from property control).

Now, if I wish to calculate the % increase sales of secondary fruit from primary fruit. So, for this I have created a bar chart, and used data limiting from the cross table. 

The formula I have using to calculate % increase is a follows:

(Sum(Sales) - Sum(Sales of Primary Fruit)) / Sum(Sales of Primary Fruit).

So for the above table, If I select Banana as Primary fruit and Mango as Secondary, I should have a bar chart which show 0% on Banana and 20% on Mango. However If I select Banana and Dates, then the results should be 0 % on banana and - 20 % on Dates. 

Can anyone please tell me how to do this?

Hope I am clear.



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