Can you force a plot area to be square or a specified size

While I can set the numeric boundaries of the x and y axis in a scatter plot, I have not found a way to specify the axis length to be the same in both dimensions? Currently my workaround is to physically measure each axis on my screen with a ruler and then adjust the sizes of other objects around the chart of interest to make the plot size a square. Surely there has to be a better way?

In that same vein, can you specify the height of a heat map row? I find again that I have to manually measure and adjust objects around a heat map to create the same size row across heat maps with different numbers of rows. Further, when you have very few data points to show, the exported image will not shrink the row past an arbitrary size. This size is larger than what is possible using a greater number of data points. Sometimes, it's just easier to manipulate heat map settings in Excel than in Spotfire, and that seems counterintuitive and wasteful of time.