Cannot change the scale of combination chart from currency to numbers

Hi Everyone,


I have Combination Chart set up showing trend of Blocked Amount Vs. Blocked Purchase Orders. I have already changed the format of both the columns in column properties as follows:-


  • Blocked Amount                            – In Currency
  • Blocked Purchase Orders              – In Numbers


However, the chart looks so clutter with “Multiple Scales” – (Image “Multiple Scale.png”) where I can see Blocked Purchase Orders in number format. When I change it to single scale the chart looks nice and easy to read however I am not able to change the format of Blocked Purchase Orders from currency to numbers (Image “Single Scale.png”) even if it is set as number in the column property.


Any suggestions as to how to tweak this? I also tried changing the scale however it’s not helping.


I appreciate your time to look in to this.



Keyur Parekh



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