Carriage return in spotfire



I am importing data from sharepoint lists into spotfire. Due to carriage return in sharepoint list, sometimes when i reload the data in spotfire i get broken rows. And then i have to fix the same in sharepoint lists.

Is there a way to fix carriage return in spotfire itself? i.e. carriage return in the linked data does not affect data and dashboards in spotfire?

To give you an example of the same - if there are 5 columns in a list then data for 1 row display in 2 or more rows instead :-

             C1   C2  C3   C4   C5

Row 1     a           w             4

                    b              x



Something like this happens.


And if I fix carriage return in sharepoint list, it sorts out. and display in a proper manner -

               C1   C2  C3   C4   C5

Row 1     a      b     w    x        4

        Now, can we do something in spotfire to solve this issue?




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