Cascade filter issue

Hi ,

I followed article created cascade filter. In my scenario Region is List box single selection and State is List Box multiple selection.

I am using following logic to filter in visualization:

case "${whichState}" when "" then [Region] = '${whichRegion}' else (([State]=$map("'${whichState}'", " OR [State]=")) and [Region] = "${whichRegion}") END

I have to use case when logic since State is multi select option.


User selected Regions "NE" all "NE" states are populated and Defaulted to None---> this scenario is good report also filtered for NE Only.

Then user selected Maryland from State list box, my report filtered for Region =NE and State =Maryland--This also Good

Now user selected Region to "WE" then State list box changed to all "WE" states and Defaulted to None, Now I am expecting report to filter for only WE Region only. instead it is considering WE for Region and Maryland for State(Previously selected value). Now it should pass none for State since my State list box is defaulted to None after selecting WE region.


Can you pls help with this ?