Cascaded filters in spotfire

Dear All,

I am using cascaded filters in my reports and I have my expression like below -

if ([Region] = "${whichRegion}",[State],null)

along with the above expression, I would like to preselect one of the values of [state] column.

i would need some thing like this -

if ([Region] = "${whichRegion}",[State],null)


[State] = 'some default value'

I know above expression throws error.

Could you please let me know how the above expression can be modified ?


Thank you



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i am looking for something like this ->

if ([Region] = "${whichRegion}",[State])


[if ([Region] = "${whichRegion}",'default_filter_to_be_selected')

but I am facing error invalid use of OR. Is there any other way.

When ever condition is true it should evaluate both the if clauses

bharathabhishek31 - Sep 16, 2016 - 5:46am
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