cash receipt duplicate check number econnect issue

I am trying to a scribe job that inserting 2 different document numbers in the cash receipts table.  Each document has the same check number.  In this use case we have a document in open table that has check number 02058843.  We then have a document that is being inserted by scribe also with check number 02058843.  The first document is being inserted with check number 02058843-001 and the second document should be inserted with check number 02058843-002.  The -001 and -002 are being insert that the stored procedure (taRMCashReceiptInsert) has been changed to do a search on the max number and add - and a number.  


It appears there is something in scribe which doing the duplicate check number check and only against documents in the work table.


The first document with check number 02058843-001 goes in without any issues.