Category Axis settings to display n weeks even if I don't have values for each of them

Dear all,

I would like to display the nb of tickets opened on the last N weeks but there are not always tickets opened on every week, and I did not find the right settings to get it right.

I have an extract for each week of history like in the simplified example below

Week 01         30 tickets opened

Week 02        no ticket opened

Week 03        20 tickets opened

Week 04        25 tickets opened

I have limited the data to look at the last 3 weeks (in show/hide items or in limit data using expression) considering we are in Week 04, so I would like my bar chart to show the Week 02, Week 03 and Week 04 even though there is no data in Week 02 : in Bar Chart > Category Axis > Settings categorical mode "filtered range" and "filtered values" show only Week 03 and Week 04 and "all values" show Week 01 (with no data as I have limited the data to 3 weeks) + Week 02, Week 03 and Week 04.

What is the right way to do it ?


Thanks for your help



Thanks for looking into my issue, I have done an example of my dashboard in the attached dxp. I have Spotfire 7.7.1.



Binary Data help_opened_closed_tickets.dxp330.19 KB

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