Change of Agent for a Connection

Recently developed a new connector to allow connection to an AccessDimension web service, which worked when stored on my local development machine and runs on-demand via the Scribe Online Agent. But, now I need to deploy to a machine that will run this live 24/7. I tried to switch the agent from one to another, which didn't work. So I've moved the .dll to the production machine in the appropriate "Connectors" folder under the Scribe Online Agent directory (C:\Program Files (x86)\Scribe Software\Scribe Online Agent\Connectors) and restarted the service. But when connecting into Scribe Online dashboard, it does not show up the connector in the drop down when setting up a new connector, its like it doesn't exist. To make sure my local development one isn't interfering I've removed my local copy of the .dll and switched off the windows service. But it still does not appear. Has anybody else encountered this? And any possible solution/workaround? 

Thanks in advance.

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