Change KPI number by filter based on another table

Hi Guys,

I have 3 tables e.g. A, B and C. All the three deps have one column in common i.e Dept, I have set up this relation across all the tables.

On my page everything is set up from A (Actuals by category, dept, month etc) Table B has information of committed expenses so I am setting up KPI numbers on the top of the page like Actual (from A), Committed (From B) and Busget (From C). On my page I have filter of table A. I tried chaning the same filtering scheme in KPI of Committed (From B) however it is not working when I change departments. I also tried creating a propery control from table A by defining "Unique values in column" (Dept.) and have it reflect in "Limit data using experession" in the KPI settings of table B for committed expenses however this one is not working either, it says "TableB.Dept name" not found.

I am not sure what I am doing wrong here, can somebody please guide? I just want to have one filter "Dept." from any of the tables (A,B or c) which could drive KPI numbers of all the 3 tables on the top.


Keyur Parekh


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Hey Keyur paresh,

Can you please check if you have enabled "Include filtered Rows Only" in the other two tables so that when you filter some row in table A , then table b and C are also filtered.

Also check if you have added column match in manage releation.

sushank - Feb 02, 2017 - 10:10pm ::
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